Thursday, November 7, 2019

                                                                                                                                11/05/2019 2:05 PM


[NOTE:  All Committee meetings will be held at the Vasco A. Smith, Jr., Administration Building,

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Thursday, November 7, 2019


1:00 p.m. - Law Enforcement Subcommittee Security Camera Meeting Agenda



Opening Remarks - Chairman Amber Mills



Discussion and vote on the following 8 recommendations:



1. Each Commission District is allocated $125,000.   Each Commissioner will assess their districts and allocate the funding amount to be awarded as a grant to the law enforcement agency or agencies in their district.  The grant funding should be utilized before the end of the FY2019-2020 year; however, if additional time is needed it will be addressed by the Mayor’s Administration.



2. Each law enforcement agency will utilize their department’s procurement/purchasing procedures currently established to purchase the security camera equipment.



3. Each law enforcement agency will also take into consideration when purchasing security camera equipment the initial cost of installation and any other additional cost associated with the utilization of the cameras in their total budget allocated by the individual Commissioner.



4. Each law enforcement agency receiving grant funding agrees to monitor the cameras as deemed appropriate.



5. Each law enforcement agency agrees to share information as needed and/or requested by another law enforcement agency.



6. Each law enforcement agency will utilize data and crime statistics to determine areas with the greatest need for security cameras.  They will also utilize “Best Practices” and or heat maps when/if the cameras need to be moved or relocated to a different area within their jurisdiction, should that be necessary.







7. Each law enforcement agency will provide the County Commission an annual report in February as to the activity and or crime statistics associated with the security cameras.  The report shall be in writing and addressed to the Chairman of the Law Enforcement, Corrections & Courts Committee.  The report should also include additional funding needed to maintain, repair the cameras or any other affiliated cost associated with the normal operation of the cameras.



8. The Shelby County Commission shall seek funding in future budgets to be allocated exclusively for maintenance, repair and any other annual cost affiliated with the operation of the security cameras.  The funding will be directed to each law enforcement agency to cover the above mentioned costs as an ongoing grant allocation.



Discussion: Additional recommendations



Closing Remarks - Chairman Amber Mills